by Sarah Myerscough gallery in TEFAF Maastricht


My new work will be shown at the exhibition “Monolith” by Sarah Myerscough gallery in TEFAF Maastricht.

The cave in the sky
H113 W113 D8 cm / H44.5” W44.5” D3.2”
Material: Straw,Thread

Date : 9-14 March, 2024
Booth : 494

I am thrilled to take part in such a wonderful exhibition. Please stop by there.

Exhibition title : Monolith

A monolith is usually defined as a structure made from an undifferentiated and solid whole, often made from stone. For TEFAF Maastricht 2024, however, Sarah Myerscough Gallery is not so much concerned with the historical definition of what a monolith is, but rather, has taken inspiration from what monoliths do. Once a monolithic structure has been placed within a landscape, the environment surrounding it is changed. Like Stonehenge or the Metal monoliths of Utah (emerging without explanation in 2016) such structures signal otherworldly even mystic influences, while representing brilliant feats of human engineering. Our curated exhibition Monolith takes inspiration from this dichotomy; presenting works that support a magical view of the world, yet which are grounded by the innovation and expertise of the contemporary designers, makers and sculptors who conceived them. Through the excellence of crafted design and the varied histories of materials, the works in this collection signal an alluring obscurity evoking pre-industrial forms and natural motifs, while reigning from a truly contemporary landscape. ⁠⁠

Sarah Myerscough Gallery
TEFAF Maastricht